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The Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Jerry Sandusky was convicted in June of sexually abusing boys he met through his children’s charity.

The arrest of the former Penn State assistant football coach, 68, caused a rippling fallout that engulfed the university, Pennsylvania politics, and started a national conversation about child sex abuse and college athletics.

It led to the firing of iconic coach Joe Paterno, the university president, and the dismantling of his children’s charity, The Second Mile.

Sandusky has become one of the most notorious and well-known serial pedophiles in the United States.

Sara Ganim first broke the news that Sandusky was under investigation by a grand jury in 2011. From that point, Ganim and The Patriot-News were leaders in covering the scandal. The Patriot has been nationally recognized for its coverage, and recognized with several awards, including the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in local reporting.

Ganim has said publicly that the most rewarding thing to come of this is the increased awareness on the topic of sex abuse, and the recognition that reporting is still a very healthy and important part of American freedom.

Below is some of the key coverage, and a guide to the case.

Original story, March 31, 2011

Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State football staffer, subject of grand jury investigation

Charges filed, Nov. 4, 2011

Jerry Sandusky’s public persona was almost perfect — a revered Penn State football defensive coordinator who helped lead the team to two national titles then dedicated himself to bettering kids through his charity and in his personal life.

The case builds against Jerry Sandusky

The Second Mile

Donations to Sandusky’s charity immediately dropped, and months later, decided it would have to close its doors. Now, federal investigators are looking into its finances, its leaders, and Sandusky’s access.

Is this the real Jerry Sandusky?

The mysterious case of Ray Gricar, April 15, 2012

While Centre County prosecutor Ray Gricar has been declared dead, questions about his disappearance only seem to multiply as he was tied to the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Gricar was the district attorney in 1998 who decided there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Sandusky based on the statements of two boys who said they were touched during a shower on campus.

Ongoing federal investigations

Penn State-related coverage

The Freeh Report

Penn State’s own internal investigation, conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh, has polarized the Penn State community. It led to the removal of Paterno’s statue, and the NCAA decision to erase more than 100 wins from the record books, impose a fine, take away 4 years of bowl games and  limit scholarships.

The case against Tim Curley and Gary Schultz

Trial is set to begin in January for Curley, the former athletic director, and Schutlz, the former vice president for business and finance. Both are charged with never reporting an incident brought to their attention by Mike McQueary in 2001, then lying about what they knew when they testified before the Sandusky grand jury. They face seven years in prison, if convicted.

Mike McQueary

McQueary was part of just one case against Sandusky at trial — the case of Victim 2 — but he was the initial link to Penn State, to Joe Paterno, and to the officials charged with lying to a grand jury. So, immediately every one of his words became a focus. He was put on administrative leave, and his contract was not renewed for this coming season.

1998 investigation

1998 was the first time that police received a complaint about Sandusky, but charges were never filed. Penn State officials were made aware of the investigation, and so was the state childcare agency.

Matt Sandusky

Matt was adopted by Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as an adult after being a foster parent in their home for a few years. After standing by his adoptive parents for many years, he recently said publicly that he too was a victim of Sandusky. His biological mother might have been one of the earliest to raise suspicions. She complained about behavioral changes in her son as far back as the early 1990s, while she was fighting for more visitation.

Dottie Sandusky

Keystone Central School District

The NCAA consequences

Key Trial Coverage

The Victims. Each took the stand and stated their names publicly for the first time since coming forward and accusing Sandusky. Here are their stories:
The Verdict.
The legal trio in the courtroom.
Other notable moments.
The Jurors.
Pennsylvania politics

Joe Paterno’s death

What’s Next?

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