Ganim, 2011/Photo by The Patriot-News

Sara Ganim is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and a correspondent for CNN.

She was born in Detroit, raised in Ft. Lauderdale and fell in love with journalism as a high school freelancer with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. She stumbled into crime reporting at The Daily Collegian at Penn State, and since then has always liked covering crime and the courts. The experience of reporting on such sensitive subjects and intricate cases was a major advantage in breaking the story about Jerry Sandusky, while a reporter for The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. Approaching it as a crime story, rather than a sports story, helped The Patriot-News stay ahead of coverage when the scandal became national news. In April 2012, the newspaper was awarded the Pulitzer for local reporting on the story.

Right before the Pulitzer Prizes were announced April 16, 2012/Photo by The Patriot-News

She has worked in print and broadcast, and is a big proponent of multi-platform reporting and using social media to spread news. She sees changes in newsrooms as a positive — something that makes for better, more efficient and more diverse reporters. She enjoys speaking to aspiring journalists about how to maximize their skills and use youth as an advantage to get into this business during tough economic times.

Talking to working journalists about being a digital-first, multi-talented reporter is very important to her. Ganim has traveled to several American universities, and taught classes in Hong Kong. She traveled to Moscow to speak to journalists and later hosted them at The Patriot-News.

Ganim speaking to journalism students at Ohio University

Ganim gravitates to crime and investigative reporting, but she also likes a lot of other things, like space travel, education, and technology. Ganim graduated from Penn State in three years, but has since continued to take classes to learn new things on other subjects. She plays recreational soccer and tennis, but is currently sidelined with an ACL tear.


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